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Fishing in Acapulco, Mexico


Acapulco is famous for discos, beaches and night life. What is not so well-known is
that it is one of the best big game fishing destinations on the Pacific. In particular,
sailfish are Acapulco’s trademark. They and mahi mahi, known locally as “dorado”,
can be caught year-round although the peak seasons occur in winter.


The best time for large marlin and yellowfin tuna is during the winter and spring months when the water cools. Shark are numerous at any time, but are easiest to locate fromJuly through December, when theyare attracted by weed lines and floating material washed into the sea by the tropical rains.


Because the Pacific coast of southern Mexico is mountainous, the deep blue water frequented by most big game fish is usually very close to Acapulco bay. We have caught billfish 100 yards from the shore! So, we start fishing immediately upon leaving the bay,
and fish all the way back when we return.


Also, the waters surrounding Acapulco are lightly fished with no centers within 100 miles north or 200 miles south. This lack of pressure contributes to the wonderful fishing we have during most of the year. For those who would like to try lighter tackle there is also excellent seasonal small game fishing for bonito, jacks, or spanish mackerel.

BLUE WATER SPORT FISHING is owned & operated by Jesús (Chuy) Osorio who, with more than 30 years of experience, has a stunning record in local fishing competitions. His fishing techniques and willingness to try new ways of doing things consistently produce fish when everyone else is producing excuses.


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